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Fuller-McGuire Presidential Award

In 2005, the Board of Advisors created an annual award for excellence in OLLI volunteer service, now known as the Fuller-McGuire Presidential Award, in honor of two of the organization's founding fathers.  Please join us in thanking the award recipients for all they have done!

Fuller-McGuire Presidential Award Winner 2023

Skip Eisiminger

Skip Eisiminger was honored as Clemson OLLI’s volunteer of the year at our annual membership meeting last Wednesday. He has been teaching at OLLI since 2012 and is an integral part of our lifelong learning program. By instructing courses like A Patchwork of Poems, Joys of Language, and Salon Discussion he has inspired hundreds of students at OLLI and over 8000 students at Clemson University to explore the beauty of literature and language. Skip's passion for teaching and his dedication to creating engaging and thought-provoking learning experiences have made him an invaluable asset to our OLLI community.

Beyond his role as an instructor, Skip has also been an active participant in various OLLI activities, generously sharing his knowledge and expertise with fellow members. Most recently, he has hosted our OLLI Trivia Nights, and each week, Skip submits at least one brain puzzle posted on the OLLI website. Skip Eisiminger's formative years were characterized by constant relocation due to his father's military service, a circumstance that deeply influenced his life’s trajectory. Inspired by his upbringing, Skip decided to follow in his father's footsteps and joined the army. Because of this experience he met his wife, Ingrid Eisiminger, while stationed in Germany. After his time in the military, Skip's academic pursuits led him to Clemson University, where he was offered a prestigious position as a professor. This opportunity allowed him to cultivate his passion for teaching and share his knowledge with eager young minds. Over the course of an impressive 42- year career at Clemson, Skip left an unforgettable mark on countless students and colleagues alike. In recognition of his remarkable contributions, Skip retired from his teaching career in 2010. Skip's enduring passion for teaching finds new life as he shares his knowledge with fellow learners at OLLI. Driven by a deep desire to impart what he learns, he embraces the absence of tests and grading at OLLI, finding pure delight in the process of education. When asked to capture the essence of OLLI in a single word, Skip fittingly described it as a "sanctuary," highlighting the profound sense of refuge and enrichment that OLLI provides for both instructors and students alike.

OLLI Distinguished Service Award

A new award was established in 2022 by the Director to award one OLLI member, volunteer, or supporter who has gone above and beyond in terms of behind-the-scenes work to keep OLLI thriving. 

OLLI Distinguised Service Award Winner 2022

Chip Stapleton

"After settling in the Upstate several years ago, and confronting an overwhelming array of activities to pursue in the area, I made my choice to support Clemson OLLI by participating in its rewarding educational programs, social interaction, and finally, by providing some input to the OLLI Board of Advisors."

-Chip Stapleton

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