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The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Clemson University is only partially supported by the Bernard Osher Foundation.  Of our roughly $250,000 operating budget, OLLI earns and raises $150,000 each year - through membership fees, tuition, funds collected by renting the Cheezem Education Center, gifts, donations, event ticket sales, etc.  

What Does Your Gift to OLLI do?

Your annual fund gift helps pay for:  staff salaries and benefits, including stipends earned by our undergraduate interns; insurance, maintenance, utilities, and repairs for the Cheezem Education Center; direct costs of the OLLI program: taking registrations, designing and printing catalogs, mailing thank you notes to the fabulous volunteer corps, etc.  


Companies and organizations support OLLI too! 

There are many opportunities for businesses to help; whether offering direct support or in-kind assistance for programs, community businesses are an essential part of this lifelong learning community.  Interested in learning more?  Contact Amanda Turner at or 864-633-5244. 

Donate Your RMD 


A required minimum distribution (RMD) is the minimum amount you must withdraw from your retirement account(s) to satisfy federal tax rules. Generally, you are required to start taking withdrawals from certain tax-deferred retirement accounts (IRA, SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA) when you reach age 72.

A  way to avoid paying income taxes on your RMD is by making a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCDs). QCDs enable individuals to fulfill their required minimum distribution by a direct transfer. But because QCDs cannot be considered taxable income, both higher tax rates and phaseouts in the future can be avoided.

Please consider designating OLLI at Clemson University as a charitable beneficiary of your IRA. Your IRA custodian can send a gift directly to the University designated for OLLI and help further our  mission while you pay no income tax on the transfer. If you were to just withdraw the minimum required amount, then it is now taxable income, but by donating that money to a charity you are avoiding the income tax.

For More Information on supporting OLLI at Clemson please contact: 

Amanda Turner 

Operations Manager, OLLI at Clemson University


* information retrieved from on 11/10

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