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J. Michael Cheezem - Charles K. Cheezem

We are delighted to acknowledge the remarkable generosity of J. Michael Cheezem and Charles K. Cheezem, whose recent donation of a building to the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute has made a significant impact on our organization. Their philanthropic commitment to fostering lifelong learning and community engagement is truly commendable. The donation of this building provides a dedicated space for our institute, enabling us to expand our programs and services to a wider audience.  We are immensely grateful for their contribution, which will undoubtedly leave a lasting legacy and enhance the educational experiences of countless individuals within our community. 

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July  1, 2023 - present  


Viola Wolf
Carol Helander
David Sabo
Amy Pickens and Andrew Pickens
Holley Ulbrich


July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023

Jon and Dot Becker

Nancy Bock

John Boehme

Clyde and Audrey Burghardt

Al and Susan Bynum

Mike and Katherine Cheezem

Ann Cramer

Susan Creamer

Jordan and Cheryl Dean

John and Karen Dreher

Nancy Dunn

Skip and Ingrid Eisiminger

Donna Findley

Mona Fleming

James and Libba Glenn

John and Ann Gilreath

Janice Howells

Kevin and Robbie Hughes

Gaines and Janet Hutcheson

Donna Jackson

Terry and Ellen Jackson

Joe and Julie Kavanagh

Carol Kozma

Terry Kozma

Jane Kramer

Kathy Lincoln

Geri McSwain

David and Faye Miller

Matt and Judi Nowocin

Oconee Federal Charitable Foundation

David and Donna Potts

Judy Roth

David Sabo

David and Ronda Senn

Ned and Judy Schlaefer

Barbara Shaver

William and Janice Sheavly

Dorris Sias

Carol Smith

George Taylor

David Thomas

Hack and Cheryl Trammell

Roger and Kathy Troutman

Holley Ulbrich

Stephen and Kim Warne

Matt Watkins

Douglas Wenger

Ronald White and Kathleen Carroll

Antonia Bentfeld
Fred Roberts
Charles E. Stapleton and Julia Stapleton

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