Member Year 2021-2022
(as of November 30, 2021)
Terry and Barbara Clark
Ann C. Cramer
Bill and Lee D'Andrea
Clemson Downs
David and Barbara Dreher
Maggie Elrod
Everlan by Dominion Senior Living
Carl Fortson
Don Fuller
Imtiaz and Mary Haque
Charles and Jane Howard (in memory of David Howells)
Lynn and Linda Hudgins
Cecil and Louise Huey
Gaines and Janet Hutcheson
Inn at Patrick Square
Dalton James
Nan and Bob Jones
Jean Kopczyk
Terry A. Kozma
Kathy Lincoln
Roy Mabe
Judi Nowocin
Lanny and Linda Parsons (in memory of David Howells)
Cathy Poirier
David and Donna Potts
Calvin and Linda Schoulties
Rhett and Ann Smith 
John and Susan Stepp
Craig Tompkins
Tom West
Member Year 2020-2021
(as of July 1, 2021)


Jimmy and Dinny Addison 

Skye and Lisa Arthur-Banning

Dave and Ann Axelson

Frieda Aspland

Jon and Dot Becker

Toni Bentfeld

Beth Beutler

John Boehme

Elizabeth Branstead

Jay Browder

Mary Brown

Tom and Delsey Brown

Chalmers and Mary Butler

Clyde and Audrey Burkhardt

Ronald and Nancy Burson

Walter and Edith Castro

Mike and Katherine Cheezem

Tony and LaVera Cieslak

Clemson Downs

Jack and Suzanne Coggins

Richard Cowan

Peggy Cover

Ann Cramer

Susan Creamer

Steven and Sarah Creager

Nick Dobey, Jr.

David and Barbara Dreher

John and Karen Dreher

Everlan by Dominion

Sheryl Donovan

Marty Duckenfield

Nancy Dunn

Skip Eisiminger

Michael Elder

Marsha Elliott

Allen and Dorothy Ellis

Maggie Elrod

Karin Emmons

Lucy Eubanks 

Donna Findley

Mona Fleming

Don Fuller

John and Ann Gilreath

James and Libba Glenn

Steve Gregurech

Ed and Jane Hamilton

David and Carol Hartman

Carol Helander

John and Patricia Hester

Woody and Susan Hilscher

H.O.P.E. Unlimited

Lynn and Linda Hudgins

Kevin and Robbie Hughes

Dolores Huggins 

Gaines and Janet Hutcheson

Barbara Hoskins

Charles and Jane Howard (in memory of David Howells)

David and Janice Howells

Richard Imershein

Terry and Ellen Jackson

Bob and Nan Jones

James Jones

Toni King

Jane Kramer

Jean Kopczyk

Carol D. Kozma

Terry Kozma

Sandy Kumm

Don and Cynthia Leggett

Howard Lewis 

Janice Liddle

Kathy Lincoln

Christel Loescher

Beth Lowman

Roy Mabe

James and Shelby Mahone

Charles and Cyndi McMillen

Geri McSwain

David and Faye Miller

Oconee Federal Charitable Foundation

Lanny and Linda Parsons (in memory of David Howells)

Robert and Susan Persak

John and Sylvia Peters

Tony and Anne Quesada

Gary and Connie Powell

Layton Register

Linda Rice

Fred and Gloria Roberts

Lamar and Susan Robinette

Lucy Rollin

Judy Roth

Don and Sylvia Rumer

Frances Rundlett

David and Ronda Senn

Rhett and Ann Smith

Carol Smith

Jim and Mildred Spearman

Spring 2021 Pickleball Invitational Participants

Herman Spitzer

Myles and Jeannine Standish

Chip and Julia Stapleton

John and Lynne Steer

John and Susan Stepp

Lydia Stone

William and Mary Suski

Koreen Sweet

Dave Thomas

Roger and Kathy Troutman

Holley Ulbrich

Michael and Julie Vidotto

Mike Wallace

Sam and Xin Wang

Ron White and Kathy Carroll

Woodie and Winnie Williams

Maureen Williamson

Viola Wolf

Karen York