Member Year 2020-2021
(as of November 15, 2020)

John Boehme

Clemson Downs

David and Barbara Dreher

John and Karen Dreher

Donna Findley

Mona Fleming

Gaines and Janet Hutchenson

Terry Kozma

Sandy Kumm

David and Faye Miller

Fred and Gloria Roberts

Mike Wallace

Ron White and Kathy Carroll 

Member Year 2019-2020
Linda Abbott

Larry and Barbara Allen
Ed and Miriam Arnold
Dennis and Jennifer Bausman*
Jon and Dot Becker
John Boehme
John Broadwell
Bill and Marty Bruehl
Clyde and Audrey Burghardt*
Chalmers and Mary Butler
Shawna Cass*
Doug Clark
Terry and Barbara Clark

Clemson Downs
Clemson Photography Club*
Kathy Coffman
Richard Cowan
Ann Cramer
Philip and Karen Culbertson
Joe Culin and Dana Anderson*
Hope Cushman
Jordan and Cheryl Dean
Nick Dobey
Sheryl Donovan
John and Karen Dreher
Marty Duckenfield
Skip and Ingrid Eisiminger*
Michael Elder
Maggie Elrod
Grant and Karin Emmons*
Lucy Eubanks
Terry Farris
Donna Findley*
Mona Fleming
Carl Fortson
Don Fuller
Ann Marie Galasso
John and Ann Gilreath
Bob and Martha Green
Steve Gregurech
Danny Gryder
Eileen Hamilton

David and Carol Hartman
Tom and Mary Ann Hayden
Guy and Carol Helander
John and Patti Hester
Woody and Susan Hilscher*
Bonnie Holaday
Barbara Hoskins
Lynn and Linda Hudgins*
Kevin and Robbie Hughes
Gaines and Janet Hutcheson
Richard Imershein
Lee Jackson and Susan Reiter
Terry and Ellen Jackson
James Jones
Bob and Nan Jones
Mike Kohl and Jane McLamarrah
Virginia Kohler
Ronald and Jean Kopczyk
Terry Kozma
Carol Kozma
Sandy Kumm
Timothy and Kathleen Leaumont
Don and Cynthia Leggett*
Christel Loescher
Ray and Gini Mansolino*
Russ and Gail Marion
Charlie and Cyndi McMillen*
Geri McSwain
David and Faye Miller
Pat and Linda Morgan
Pat and Jane Murphy
Robert and Rosemarie Neunherz
Oconee Federal Charitable Foundation
Robert and Susan Persak
Lucy Rollin
Judy Roth*
Darrell and Creseda Snyder
William and Ann Souders
Jim and Mildred Spearman*
Myles Standish
Chip and Julia Stapleton
John and Lynne Steer
William and Mary Suski
Dave Thomas
Robert Thompson
Cathy Vache
Tom Villiger

Caren Von Hippel
Mike Wallace
Matt Watkins
Ron White and Kathy Carroll*
Rick and Lynn Whitmire
Donald Wineman
Tom and Ellen Zuercher

*Gifts made in Memory of Judith Gilstrap Reynolds, OLLI Staffmember Amanda Turner’s mother.

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