Linda Abbott

Abbott Laboratories Fund

Jim and Dinny Addison

James and Martha Alexander

Larry and Barbara Allen

Aramark Global Business Services

Subhash and Vera Anand

Michael and Janet Andalora 


Joseph Arbena

Alan and Barbara Armstrong

John Aspland

Asset Centric Technologies Inc.

Dave and Ann Axelson 

Antonia Bax and Stuart Silvers

Bernard Osher Foundation

Beth Beutler

Blue Hills Garden Club

Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative 

John Boehme

Mary Bowman

Ann Brachhausen

Elizabeth Branstead

Jim and Mary Breneman

Bill and Jeni Bridwell

John Broadwell

Bill and Marty Bruehl

Rachel Bryson

Clyde and Audrey Burghardt

Chalmers and Mary Butler

Richard Caldwell

Jon Calloway

Kathy Carroll and Ron White

David and Sharon Castle

Walter Castro

Caterpillar Foundation

J. M. Cheezem

Bill Cheezem

Tony and LaVera Cieslak

Terry and Barbara

James and Becky Clark

James Cleary

Clemson Photography Club

Ann Cochell

Steven and Eleanor Collins

Elisabeth Colquhoun

Judy Coolidge-Fill

William Cooper

John Cottingham

Peggy Cover

Richard Cowan

Ann Cramer

Susan Creamer

Karen Culbertson

Carrell Dammann

Pamela Davison-Smith

Linda Dayhuff

Joseph Dickey

Roger Dilling

Nick Doby 

Marvin and Jean Doerr

William Dowler

Dorothy Doyle

David and Barbara Dreher

John and Karen Dreher

Jim and Mary Dunkel

Leila El Bayadi

James Elder

Dorothy Ellis

Karin Emmons

Rebecca Epting

Marvin and Mary Etten

Dwaine and Lucy Eubanks

Carol Eye

Donna Findley

Mona Fleming 

Jill Foster

Carol Fritze

Don and Mary Fuller

Judy Gasnier

Bill and Adrienne Gillem

Ann Gilreath

Ann Goodstein

Gray Wealth Management

Corinne Grizzard

Charlotte Gruosso

Bob Haglund

Christina Hall

David Hammatt

Susan Hannon

Imtiaz and Mary Haque

David and Polly Harshbarger

John and Millie Hawbecker

Drake and Joann Hawkins

Thomas Hayden

Arthur and Ruth Heneham

John Henry

Rachel Herb

Bonnie Holaday

Paul and Charlotte Holmes 

David Holt and Carole Reynolds-Holt

Barbara Hoskins

David and Janice Howells

Lynn and Linda Hudgins

Kevin and Robbie Hughes

Ronald Hughes

W. H. Hunter

Gaines and Janet Hutcheson

Ann James

Arthur James

Betty Janzen

Jewish Community Federation

Bob and Nan Jones

William Kennedy

James and Suzanne Keogh

Margarita Kinder

Howard King

Nancy King

Elizabeth Kirlin

Richard and Joyce Klein

Harold and Lucille Koeplin

Virginia Kohler

Jean Kopczyk

Carol Kozma

Ed and Joan Krech

Lorraine Kroetch

Kathleen Kubalak

Hal Kuhn

Sandra Kumm

Don and Cynthia Leggett

Carolyn Lesley

Grace Lichtenwald

Frances Lilly

Dale Linvill

Christal Loescher

David and Christine Long

Max and Aileen Loyd

Marjorie Luke

Stephen Machnik

Myrna Mahon

James and Shelby Mahone

Virginia Mansolino

George Massios

Eleanor McCallum

Larry and Margaret McCollough

Rose Marie McDonald and Judson McKinney

Donna McGarity

Kathy McGee

Fran and Elaine McGuire

Charlie and Cyndi McMillen

Germaine McSwain

Raenota Merrill

John Messerschmidt

 Brue and Marilyn Miehle

David and Faye Miller

James and Anita Monroe

Stephanie Montgomery

Davis Moorhead

Stephen Morehead

Patrick and Linda Morgan 

Marie Murphy

Sandra Nelson

David and Marlene Nicholas

William Nickles

Lyn Norton

Vivian Nothdurft

Nothin' But The Bluesfest

Delphine Ochiuto

Oconee Federal Charitable Foundation

Paul and Jean Olstin

Rameth Owens

Lanny and Linda Parsons

Patrick Square LLC

Peace Congregational Church, UCC

Susan Persak

John Peters

George Polk

Procter & Gamble

Zal Puchkoff

Juanita Radcliffe

Bill and Laurie Raimondi

Susan Reiter

Randy Renz

Eugene Rochester

Anneliese Roegner

Carla Rogers

Carol Rogers

Roger and Lucy Rollin

Janis Ross

Judy Roth

Janet Rothstein

Eileen Rupp

Mariette Ruppert

Mary Russell

Betty Russo

Sandra Sanderson

Betty Schilling

Nancy Schlegel

Stephanie Schmidt

Faith Schrader

Schwab Charitable Fund

David Senn

John Sherman

William Shimel

Marion Sieffert

Carol Singer

Pat Smart

Michael and Rae Smith 

Rhett and Ann Smith 

William and Ann Souders

Stephanie Sparling

Jim and Mildred Spearman 

Herman and Carol Spitzer

Catherine Spragins

Chip and Julia Stapleton

John Steer

Davida Steinbrink

Stephanie Schmidt Revocable Trust

Gerald Sweitzer

James Sykes

Bob and Mabel Templeton

The Bernard Osher Revocable Trust

The John Ben Snow Memorial Trust

David Thomas

Keith Thomas

Earl and Brenda Thompson

Sandra Tice-Wright

Donald Turk

Holley Ulbrich

Alden Valentine

Lucky Victory

Thomas Villiger

Joseph Vuknic

Bill and Beverly Walker

Michael Wall

Michael Wallace

Jim Walton

Ted Wanthal

Linda Warren

Carolyn Watters

Karen Wenzel

Clinton Whitehurst

Barbara Whitney

Craig and Susan Williams

John and Beulah Wilson

John and Margaret Worsham

Brett Wright

Nancy Zint

Tom and Ellen Zuercher

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