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The OLLI Program is member-led. We encourage members to participate in the program's planning, operation and evaluation. We are run by a dedicated Board of Volunteer Advisors. Board of Advisors meetings are open to all members!

Have a question for the Board? Send them an email:

Sheryl Donovan

"OLLI at Clemson has been an integral part of my life since I retired. If, as Chair, I can give the organization a fraction of what I have received since joining, I will be more than pleased."

chip stapleton.jpg
Chip Stapleton
Past Chair

"After settling in the Upstate several years ago, and confronting an overwhelming array of activities to pursue in the area, I made my choice to support Clemson OLLI by participating in its rewarding educational programs, social interaction, and finally, by providing some input to the OLLI Board of Advisors."

Dave Potts
Vice Chair 

Dr. Potts is a board-certified infectious disease specialist, practicing for more than 40 years.  He has worked in the US Air Force, AnMed Health and Greenville Health System; mostly retired, he has been teaching OLLI courses for several terms. 

Carol Helander

Not only does Carol hold a Board position, she works with our volunteer instructors and has worked in the OLLI administrative offices nearly every Thursday morning.   

Jack McKenna

"I earned both my B.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Clemson. After graduation, I was a university chemistry professor in Minnesota for 35 years.  It was a wonderful place to live except the winters lasted eight months!  Upon retirement we moved back to Clemson because it was just ‘in our blood.’  I have taken a number of OLLI courses and I have too many favorites to mention!  OLLI is a truly hidden gem that needs to be discovered by more people."

DS Visa Photo.JPG
Dave Sabo

"I retired in May, 2015 after a career as a multi-disciplined manager and executive in both large and small companies in the automobile, apparel and headwear, food seasoning, and hotel-hospitality industries. A native of Detroit, I have a B.S. in Industrial Management as well as an M.B.A. and served in the U.S. Army Signal Corps. I joined OLLI in 2015 and have 
been a continual student, OLLI Volunteer and Founding Member of the OLLI Gardening Special Interest Group. As a member of the Board of Advisors, I want to actively help OLLI develop a stronger sense of family and community within Clemson University and in the surrounding Tri-County area."

2022 NLD for OLLI.jpg
Nancy Dunn

"After completing degrees at the University of Connecticut and Aquinas College in Michigan, my “love for learning” continues. My career managing areas within regional banking included financial reporting, audit and my
favorite, state, and federal bank compliance, especially the Bank Secrecy Act. Learning and sharing my expertise through corporate lessons were always sprinkled with humor, challenges, and idea-sharing. Once I retired, it
seemed natural to join and volunteer at OLLI at Aquinas where I led an effort to establish their membership and registration system. I tell everyone we moved to Seneca because of Covid and the OLLI members I met over
Zoom during the summer of 2020. I look forward to helping with the growth of OLLI and its ability to provide a safe environment for sharing our
intellectual curiosity."

Ann Smith
CU Foundation Liaison

"I am a 1982 and 1985 graduate of Clemson. I am in my 34th year of working there. I am currently the Senior Director of Annual Giving for Clemson University." 

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