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What We Offer
We offer three semesters of courses, excursions, outdoor adventures and special interest groups. Each year, more than 250 unique programs provide opportunities to gain knowledge and expertise in a wide variety of academic and recreational pursuits, and to share our experiences and perspectives with others. 

Course formats include discussion groups, workshops, lectures, day and overnight excursions, hikes, hands-on programming and more.  They may range from a 90 minute lecture held once to a course which meets  once a week for 8 weeks within a variety of topics. There are no exams, no prerequisites, no credits and no formal lecture halls.


Each semester we typically have courses in the following areas:

  • Arts, Culture, and Music

  • Business, Economics, and Finance

  • Computers, Technology, and Digital Photography

  • Health and Fitness

  • History, Politics, and Government

  • Home and Garden

  • Languages and Travel

  • Natural History

  • Outdoor Adventures

  • Practical Arts and Hobbies

  • Psychology, Philosopy, and Religion

  • Science

Have an idea for a course?

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