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Any active OLLI Member in good standing may request a course tuition scholarship. First time applicants will be given priority. Scholarships are not to exceed $100 per Member per academic year, which begins July 1 and continues to June 30. 


All scholarship requests are confidential and must be made either in-person, by phone, or in writing to OLLI Staff. They can be reached at 864-633-5242 and  



1.  Scholarships may be used for courses only, not membership fees or travel programs.

2.  Scholarships will be made for a specific dollar amount and will have an expiration date that extends beyond one term.  

3.  The Scholarship Program is funded in part through donations of OLLI volunteer instructor credits; each volunteer instructor receives a course credit and he or she may choose to donate the amount to the Program.  

4.  The Scholarship Program is also funded in part by Clemson Downs.  

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